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 Anti KNife CRime

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Anti KNife CRime Empty
PostSubject: Anti KNife CRime   Anti KNife CRime EmptyThu Sep 09, 2010 5:34 pm

Anti-Knife Crime

Noticing the papers are heaving/ another youth stabbed and left bleeding,
To his death/ ‘’stabbed 9 times in the leg and numerous times in the chest,
Whats this world coming too/ parents leaving youths to come for you,
Boys rioting starting gang fights/ knifes in the day not just in the night,
Does it give you a fright?/ That these youths are getting off too light,
Mothers and fathers to blame/ These youths should be named and shamed,
Victims friends and family crying/ even the next day more youths dying,
Too many knifes about on the street/ where do kids and knives meet?
Blood isn’t a nice sight so why do it/ your killing is that why you do it?
Not another question we want answers/ a few months then freeing the bastards,
That stat you killed had a personality/ a life, friends, did you forget the family?
Put the knifes down and enjoy childhood/ would you? If you could?,
Your all stuck in a lifeless mind/ twisted your actions still blind!

This aint fair why you doing this/ didn’t get your own way so you drew for it,
Slid it in like you was cutting some meat/ blood running down to your feet,
No remorse for your actions/ punching through like you receive satisfaction,
Your face expressions stay still/ not realised what you’ve done is 100% real.
Kids who carry should be locked away/ not carrying on with the rest of your day,
You deserve nothing/ just a padded cell and a lot of time to sit and think,
These kids done nothing to harm you/

In this time of day its not right to be going about with a strap or shank,
10yr old youths carrying instead of playing with mates and toy army tanks,
Its everywhere ‘a girl has been stabbed and left in a critical condition,
Is this a lifestyle? Part of your religion? Or part of your family tradition?
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Anti KNife CRime
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