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 ST Cypher

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PostSubject: ST Cypher   Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:43 am

For those who know what a cypher is, you don't need to be told, just go hard.

For those that DON'T:::

A cypher is a collection or rappers/singers (any type of artist really) dropping some freestyles/verses either over a beat or accapella. Since it's a forum and you can't just all get together, it adapts to being text based, by one person dropping a keystyle and the next person following trend. Basically just write what you want, no name dropping etc.. cos' there is another thread for that.

So you get the point..

I'll start us off with something.

Watch my back? man I look after myself, fuck an attourney
So you better withdraw like Winehouse going cold turkey
Nothing can hurt me, im wondering if ya packing spits
but damn.. i get under your skin like tracking chips
Call me a cheat, i'll make you watch the other hand
Grab the hatchet and kill you where you fucking stand
UNDERSTAND?.. man i need to get some Studio Time
and start spewing my rhymes to prove i'm devine
these lines go straight to your head like a dumb blonde
bitch.. ask for a leg up, i'll give you one, it's yours that i cut off
yeh i flip shit, you could cut the tension with a knife
but instead i slipped missed and caused the ending of your life... RIIIIIIGHT!

.. blah blah, quick keying
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PostSubject: Re: ST Cypher   Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:31 pm

Let go a mi ting duppy let go a mi 'and,
For Jah Jah kingdom is never Unmanned/
Jah protec' Babylon Riot is Vital,
As i sit herb bunnin Diet is Ital/
No luck, Sellassie mi Clover Strand,
Jah guidence mek mi Over Stand/
The evil which i and i do Battle,
For im di shepard not inna di Cattle/
Blessed with knowledge plus My Pride,
Vissionary dread third Eye Wide/
Missionary king Blessed Being,
Herbal remedies Stressed Freeing/
Floating vissions Smoke Enlightening,
Babylon corrupt duppy Joke Frightening/
Duppy concerquer hard Power Hit,
Jah strenght mek di Hour Split/

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Posts : 244
Join date : 2010-08-27
Age : 29
Location : The Lair

PostSubject: Re: ST Cypher   Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:53 pm

Tomorrows a new day, but today always stays the same
So next week i'll go back two days to save the game
My minds on the prize but my eyes in a stare
Fucking up genetics, turning the circle of life to a square
Nobody can hold a light to my nitrous, your dicing with fear
Shit i never know who's biting me.. like Tyson in a fight with a bear
I cannot bare, weak lyrics from street bitches
They don't know how we kick it
My lifes an unfinished puzzle with a piece missing
PRICKS.. you can't HUM us.. like we destroyed a greek kitchen
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PostSubject: Re: ST Cypher   

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ST Cypher
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